Baby-food pouches may pose risks for development, health when overused

Cleveland – Brie Zeltner

Fruit pouches are helpful for feeding young children during a trip, or if children are fussy about fruits and vegetables, or a quick snack when there is no time to cook. But if the pouches are used exclusively for feeding a baby, or overused, they can pose risks to a baby’s speech and motor development.

HEALTH NOTES: Eat greens… and baby will too! Pregnant women who feast on vegetables and salads will have children who enjoy their five a day

The Daily Mail – Staff Writer

It’s an age-old problem for parents – how do you get your children to eat their greens? The answer could be for mums to eat plenty during pregnancy so that your little ones get used to vegetables before they’re even born.

Studies: Overweight kids have more fatty tissue in muscles than peers, at risk of health problems

Medical X-Press – Mike Krings

Juvenile obesity is known to cause a range of health problems, and University of Kansas researchers have documented another concern. Overweight children ages 7-10 show more fat in their muscle than healthy weight peers, which could lead to issues such as loss of muscle function, diabetes and disability.

5 Signs Your Toddler Needs To Eat More Vegetables, & What Experts Say You Should Do About It

Romper – Ashley

Picky toddlers are the worst. I can’t even count the number of times I have cooked a perfectly delicious meal only to have a toddler throw it entirely on the floor in protest. My kids are a bit older now, but when they were younger, I never knew if there were signs my toddler needed to eat more vegetables, or if they were getting the proper nutrition they needed from the copious amounts of chicken nuggets and chocolate milk they were demanding around the clock.

Child obesity ‘timebomb’ could devastate NHS

Express UK – Mark Reynolds

Health chiefs said Britain is on its way to becoming a chronic “nation of fatties” as shocking figures laid bare the scale of the crisis. Public Health England statistics show that one third of UK children aged two to 15 – almost four million people – are now categorised as overweight or obese. If the current trend continues, it could “bankrupt” the NHS in the coming years, officials claimed.

Wanna try clean eating? Try these 5 kid-friendly recipes

Arizona Central – Michelle Dudash

The first time I heard the term “clean eating,” I was working as a private chef for a real-estate developer in Paradise Valley in the early 2000s. While staying at one of their homes in Los Cabos, Mexico, I brought a big lunch spread to the table, filled with grilled fresh grouper, vegetables and fresh guacamole and salsa.

Do Fitbit, Garmin, Other Child Fitness Trackers Help Combat Childhood Obesity or Become ‘Counterproductive’?

Newsweek – Nina Godlewski

Of all the children in the United States, about 20 percent of them are affected by childhood obesity, and some fitness tracker brands have created their own kid-centric products to help combat the epidemic. But what’s still to be determined is whether the devices help or hurt kids in the long run.