FDA Vows To Lower Lead Levels In Juice For Children

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

The FDA has vowed to lower the lead levels in juice for children. It is always important to make sure that our children are hydrated, especially with the warmer weather coming up. We need to make sure that they are getting enough to drink, and while water is always the best way to get the liquid in them that they need, sometimes children want just a bit more. This could be milk or the ever-popular juice. While experts recommend that juice only be given occasionally, due to its sugar content, parents cannot help that their children love the fruity taste.

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Study shows children’s physical activity levels fell below national guidelines in wake of pandemic

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

While there was no change in their parents’ physical activity levels, the National Institute for Health and Care Research-funded study findings showed 10 to 11-year-olds took part in on average just 56 minutes—less than the recommended hour—of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity during weekdays from last April to December.

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Children could find it easier to reach a healthier weight if their parents are addressing their own weight

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

New research presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Maastricht, the Netherlands (4–7 May), has found that many parents attending commercial weight management programs would be happy for their child, if overweight, to also receive support to reach a healthier weight.

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10 International Family Day Activities For A Fun Time

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

It is always nice to do things as a family. Family is one of the most important connections in a child’s life, but unfortunately, life gets busy. With households having two parents who need to work, there seems to be little time to spend together. Adding on top of work is the constant dread of housework and errands that need to be run. Parents can find themselves at the end of the week sitting and wondering where the time has gone and regretted the fact that they don’t think they spent enough time with their children.

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Childhood Key Factors That Could Lead To Strokes Later In Life

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

Researchers have discovered five childhood key factors that could lead to strokes later in life. It is normal that parents pay close attention to the health and well-being of their children. It is one of the most basic jobs of a parent, however, it can also have a large impact on their future health. Parents are often so consumed and busy with the present that they don’t have a lot of time to think about the future. However, it is important that they do because more and more studies are showing that the health of a child could impact their health as an adult.

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One in five male adolescents suffers from high blood pressure

Medical X-Press – Johannes Angerer

Unhealthy levels of hypertension are increasing globally, especially during puberty, with boys affected three to four times more frequently than girls: Around 20% of male adolescents have elevated blood pressure. The main causes of primary hypertension (hypertension not triggered by another disease) in young people are obesity and lack of exercise, and increasingly, chronic psychological stress.

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Many Children Missed Routine Pediatric Visits Due To Pandemic

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

A study has found that a lot of children have missed routine pediatric visits due to the pandemic, and this is something that needs to be taken seriously. The health of children is incredibly important to parents, and part of making sure our children are safe and healthy is their regular visits to their pediatrician. These visits ensure that children are up-to-date on their routine vaccinations, that any concerns are addressed quickly and that a child is growing and developing properly. Missing these appointments can mean that a child may be missed for an illness or concern that needs to be treated.

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Searching for cause of alarming increase in acute severe hepatitis in children

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

At the end of March, the first cases of acute severe hepatitis of unknown origin in children were reported in the U.K. Since then, the number has increased to more than 300 in around 20 countries; there are now reports of nine suspected cases in Sweden. The acute liver infection mainly affects otherwise completely healthy children under the age of 16, which puzzles researchers who are now searching for answers as to why these children are affected.

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Measles Cases Are Up Almost 80% In 2022

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

A new report has found that cases of measles are up almost 80% in 2022. Preventable illnesses are a big concern for parents everywhere, and that is because they pose a risk to their children. The health and well-being of children is the top priority of parents everywhere, and thankfully, a lot of illnesses have been drastically cut. This cut is due to vaccines among young children. The routine vaccines that children receive when they are infants go a long way to making sure that these viruses and illnesses stay in the shadow and don’t put young children at risk.

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