10 Breakfast Ideas To Keep Kids Full Until Lunch

Romper – Cat Bowen

The one thing I didn’t count on during pregnancy is that children are bottomless pits. You feed them a meal, and an hour later, they’re raiding the snack stash. Sound familiar? With some breakfast ideas that keep your kids full until lunch, here’s hoping we can save some cash on the chips and salsa. (Or at least get some for ourselves.) Apparently, there’s a trick to keeping kids full in between meals. It all comes down to the food’s relative satiety, or the measurement of how filling a food is. The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition devised an index of foods that rates food satiety on a relative scale.Unsurprisingly, simple carbohydrates, like those in toaster pastries and croissants, are some of the lowest rated on the list for satiety. The highest-satiety foods are unprocessed foods like potatoes, beans, proteins, and fruit.

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