RULES FOR GHOULS: Tips to ensure a safe Halloween

The New Courier – Staff Writer

Halloween is an exciting time for children and adults alike, but real-life dangers lurk in places other than fog-draped cemeteries and haunted houses. To that end, state Fire Marshal Scott Pilgreen urges all Halloween revelers to exercise caution when trick-or-treating this year. “The only frightening part of Halloween should be the scary costumes,” Pilgreen said. “A little bit of planning ahead of time can ensure a safer, happier Halloween for everyone.” Pilgreen offered the following tips: (more)

12 ways to help end picky eating in kids

9 Honey – Dilvin Yasa

It can be disheartening when your child shows more interest in eating their own snot (or worse, somebody else’s) than what you’re serving for dinner seven nights a week. But rest assured that while picky eating is remarkably common – particularly in children under the age of six – there are ways to get them to a wider range of food than you initially anticipated. (more)

Should you let your child lift weights at the gym?

The Times – Fiona MacDonald-Smith

When Cruz Beckham posted pictures of himself lifting heavy weights this week, social media predictably went wild. While it may not have been all that it seemed (it appears that he was being aided by people on either side, taking some of the weight), the post sparked a debate among the 12-year-old’s followers — how young is too young to be performing bench presses? (more)

As Recess Changes, Do Children Get Enough Free Play?

RIPR – John Bender

Across the country, and in New England, elementary schools are revamping recess with a focus on organized games and teamwork, instead of free play. The nonprofit organization Playworks is helping schools do this by providing training and in some cases coaches. The idea is to structure recess around activities that encourage students to be physically active, include everyone and discourage bullying. (more)

Fuel your young athlete: How to pack a performance lunch

WFAA – Staff Writer

During the school year, young athletes are busier than ever, juggling school work along with practice and, in many cases, multiple training sessions per day. Noel Williams, registered dietitian with Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute Sports Performance powered by EXOS, says proper nutrition is key for students to stay healthy and meet the demands of their day. (more)