Keep them active and away from the screen

Joburg East Express – Staff Writer

With the increase of gaming devices, less and less children are physically active and choose to sit in front of a screen. Also read: 5 Brain boosting back-to-school apps Physical activity is important. Research has shown that exercise is beneficial for helping your child think, concentrate and solve problems, all of which are essential skills… (more)

No child wants to be fat – trust me, I know, says CLAIR WOODWARD

The Express – Clair Woodward

And the crisp aisle at the corner shop: Frazzles, Twisters, Monster Munch, Ringos. Those brands were the background of my childhood; I ate at least one of them after school every day, often washed down by a can of something containing six teaspoons of sugar. Then I’d go home and have an old-fashioned dinner of mince and potatoes, Findus Crispy Pancakes and chips or stew, with a Supermousse or Angel Delight for pudding. And after that? Some biscuits with butter on them, or some cheese, followed by a bit of pantry grazing through the evening. Is it any wonder I was a fat child? (more)

Editorial: Get kids back on their bikes

The Daily Telegraph – Editorial

Exercise was once a near-unavoidable part of childhood. Not so long ago, the majority of children either walked to school or rode their bicycles. Recreation, outside of books and board games, was almost entirely physical. Backyard cricket was, during generations past, often played throughout summer and not just on Australia Day. (more)

Doctor’s Tip: How to boost your child’s immune system

The Post Independent – Dr. Greg Feinsinger

There are two issues that need to be discussed. One is how to make your child more resistant to childhood illnesses such as colds and ear infections. The second issue is how to prevent your child from eventually suffering from the chronic diseases that afflict so many American adults, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Today’s column addresses the first issue. (more)

What Nutritionists Pack Their Kids For Lunch

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

Kids aren’t exactly known for their refined palates, which can cause issues for parents who want to pack healthy lunches for them to take to school. But delicious and nutritious options are available ― and they don’t always take a long time to put together. (more)