Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. Train for it with your kids.

The Chicago Tribune – Vicky Hallett

Parenthood comes with countless surprises. Most involve bodily fluids. Like, for instance, the sudden lack of opportunities for Mom and Dad to sweat. “We both used to get up in the morning and just go exercise,” explains Amanda Holliday, a dance fitness teacher whose son was born in 2016. “That’s not happening anymore.” Even if it’s possible to tote the kid along for a workout, there’s a lot more to consider beyond your number of reps — and a lot more to cram into your gym bag. (more)

How To Prevent Heat Rash In Kids, According To Science

Romper – Caroline Hogeveen

You can count on a lot of things during the summer: sticky popsicle fingers, the incessant smell of bug spray and sunscreen, and heat. With that heat, unfortunately, comes heat rashes. According to the Cleveland Clinic, these rashes — which can be patches of tiny bumps or red, itchy skin — are not limited to infants, as some parents believe. People of any age can develop heat rashes… even you. Luckily, heat rashes aren’t inevitable annoyances on every hot day. Turns out, there are some methods for preventing heat rash in kids. (more)

How to futureproof your kids – the physical health timebomb

The Telegraph – Harry de Quetteville

Parents today, by contrast, are faced with a far more straightforward task: deploying the available science to ensure their offspring live long and well. “Basically if you look at the last century far fewer people now die of infectious disease thanks to sanitation, vaccination and antibiotics,” says David Oliver, Britain’s former National Clinical Director for Older People’s Services. “And we’re much better at the heroic end of things – heart attack treatment and things like that.” That means the biggest killers today are lifestyle related: stroke, heart disease, common cancers, and respiratory disease. The World Health Organisation has shown that half of all preventable disease for people over 50 in western countries is common to four lifestyle choices. The first is sitting on your backside. (more)

Your child is injured from sports. Here’s how you can avoid injuries the next time.

The Miami Herald – Elizabeth Finny

Sports injuries among student athletes are increasingly common, especially in South Florida, where many kids play sports all year round. They’re at risk of developing overuse injuries, and South Florida’s heat and humidity can impact athletes who practice during the summer. Here, then, are five tips for keeping your kids healthy as they play sports: (more)

Waking up to new facts on childhood sleepwalking

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Children, like adults, need quality sleep in order to function well. But, when a child sleepwalks, parents often worry about how this might impact their child’s development and behaviour. In a new study by the University of South Australia, researchers have explored the prevalence of sleepwalking in school children and its relationship with broader sleep and daytime difficulties. Lead researcher, Dr. Helen Stallman says sleepwalking is a common behaviour among children. “Children lead energetic lives; and like all of us, at the end of the day they need a good night’s sleep to set them up well for tomorrow,” Dr. Stallman says. (more)