10 Mental Health Signs To Watch Out For In Kids In The Age Of COVID-19

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

Kids don’t always verbalize their struggles, but anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can manifest in different ways. HuffPost spoke to Gurwitch, von Lob and other experts to learn about some of these indicators. Read on to learn about signs that may offer parents a window into children’s mental health in this unprecedented situation. It’s understandable that kids may not be their usual selves for a short period of time, but if these behavioral or emotional changes increase in severity, persist for many weeks or interfere with your child’s everyday functions, you may want to seek professional advice.

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How to help your kids—and yourself—handle being at home

Medical X-Press – Bev Betkowski

While parents may worry about their children missing classes, avoid the temptation to rush them into too much structured time at home. “First of all, give everyone some breathing room at the start. Take a little time, and maybe consider spending your first week or two as their spring break while you come up with a plan,” said Linda Laidlaw, a professor and digital literacy researcher in the U of A’s Faculty of Education.

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