7 Reasons Kids Need To Play Outside Daily

Moms – Anupama Subramaniyam

Playing outside can be tricky when the weather is cold. However, taking advantage of good weather is always encouraged especially when kids playing outside has so many benefits. Of course, as parents, we are concerned first and foremost about their safety. However, if we are cautious and careful, there wouldn’t be much to worry about other than bad weather.

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Girls better at ‘camouflaging’ traits of autism

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Around one in every 100 people are on the autism spectrum and there are around 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, according to the National Autistic Society. And yet an autism diagnosis is made much more frequently, and at an earlier age, in males compared with females—at a rate of around four males to every female.

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Should kids go trick-or-treating? Here’s how to make Halloween less scary

Medical X-Press – Catherine Marfin

There are safe ways to celebrate, but health experts say people need to accept that some traditions need to be adapted to the world today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a complete list of recommendations for the Halloween season, ranking activities as low, moderate or high risk.

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Simple recipes help ease parenting during the pandemic while kids learn to cook

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Jessica van Dop de Jesus

My husband and I believe Lucila (Lu) was born with the foodie gene. We both come from cultures that appreciate food. Martin is from The Netherlands, where dishes are simple but with a strong focus on the ingredients’ quality, especially when it comes to dairy and vegetables. I am from Puerto Rico, where the food is as colorful as the blend of the multiple cultures that make up our roots.

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