5 Signs That Kids Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Moms – Jessica Tucker

Kids, by and large, are eating too much sugar today. While it is easy to remove the obvious sugar-laden treats, many forget that pre-packaged foods, even those that claim to be healthy, are full of sugar as well. Because of this, kids continue to have more than the recommended amount of added sugar to their diets. This excess of sugar consumption is easy to do, given that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids do not exceed more than 25 grams or six teaspoons of sugar daily. And while parents likely realize that their kids are eating more than this recommended sugar amount daily, they may not recognize the signs as to when their kids are eating too much sugar in general.

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What Is The Right Age For Kids To Get Contact Lenses

Moms – Jessica Tucker

When young kids ask to wear contact lenses instead of their glasses, parents may have a knee-jerk reaction to say “no” until they are older. With the thought of eye infections and lost contact lenses flashing through their brains, it is understandable that parents may think that their kids are not ready to put the lenses into their eyes. However, there comes a time when kids will be able to wear contact lenses and that time is not based on age. It is based upon each individual personality of kids.

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How COVID-19 increases challenges for youth with ADHD

Medical X-Press – Emily Collins

New research has found that youth with ADHD were more likely than their peers to experience COVID-19 symptoms, sleep problems, fear and anxiety related to infection risk, difficulties with remote learning, family conflict, rule-breaking behavior, and lack of school preparation during the first year of the pandemic. Additionally, youth with ADHD are less likely than their peers to be responsive to factors, such as parental monitoring and school engagement, that may mitigate the impact of pandemic school closures. 

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8 Foods That Boost Kids’ Mental Health

Moms – Jessica Tucker

In this day and age, people have forgotten that what eating is about is to fuel the body to give it optimal physical and mental health. Instead, it has become about eating for convenience, emotional eating, and mindless eating. This is important because kids who are not getting in their daily serving of five fruits and vegetables do not have the same mental well-being as those who do get their fruits and vegetables do. Couple that with kids not starting the day with a filling and nutrient-rich breakfast, many are not properly fueling their bodies or brains. And this can be seen by kids’ performance in the classroom and their overall outlook on life. This is why kids need to eat foods that boost their mental health consistently so that from head to toe they are healthier overall.

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