Dinner Time Is Family Time, A Tradition Which Has Faded

Moms – Deb Gonclaves

Dinner time is important and we all know that. We might be bombarded with other things that need our attention, but deep down we know sitting down together and enjoying a meal, is needed to feel a sense of closeness with those we cherish. This is the moment we sit in a common place, such as the dinner table, and genuinely listen and get nourished. There are several ways we get nourished during this time spent together. For one, we nourish our bodies with food after working hard. Second, we nourish our mental and emotional states by getting a healthy dose of security and stability. What does this mean, though? Well, in my experience, mentally we are able to finally relax after a long day and express what we have on our mind, because no one is going anywhere when they have a plate of food in front of them. Emotionally, we get nourished by lending our ears, to listen to someone else’s perspective and our hearts to connect with another human on a deeper level.


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