Do our children need to manage their relationship with tech?

The Khaleej Times – Purva Grover

As adults, we’re often found guilty of overprotecting our children. Until recently, we could bubble wrap them to make sure nothing untoward and inappropriate reached them until the time they were ready to receive it. We can’t do that anymore. Yes, there are parental control settings on iPads, passcodes on mobiles and the child lock option on televisions. Yet, they’re exposed – to conversations interspersed with foul words, discussions on sensitive topics, episodes of adult humour, inappropriate forwards on WhatsApp, adultrated shows on YouTube, and more. And, it’s not just cyber exposure for which we need to be wary – our environment, in general, has changed; it’s more casual, open and relaxed. Add to it the fact that the young adults today have a mind of their own – leaving us with limited decision-making powers to help them make correct, age-appropriate choices. (more)

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