Five steps to help your child cope with anxiety

The Miami Herald – Jill Ehrenreich-May, Ph.D.

“The world can feel like a scary place, full of new, difficult and strange experiences. As adults, we learn to manage our anxiety through knowledge and experience that tell us which situations, things and people are to be avoided versus those that just feel scary, but do not pose any real danger. Your children, however, need help to understand the difference between safe things that should be experienced — despite the anxiety they provoke — and things that are truly dangerous. When your child experiences fear and anxiety more frequently or intensely than other youth, helping them can be confusing or challenging. For example, you may know that petting a dog or talking to a teacher is not dangerous, but if your child is acting as though these situations are frightening, what should you do? The answer may not be simple, but the following steps can help you better understand your child’s fears and help them cope more effectively:”(more)

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