Kids With IEPs During Quarantine Still Have Rights, Experts Say

Romper – Cat Bowen

As the mom of an autistic son, I can tell you that these past few months have been incredibly stressful. It took us weeks to figure out how my son could continue with some of his services, and what his individualized educational program (IEP) meant with distance learning. Certain aspects of his IEP, like extended test time, were no longer needed as timed tests aren’t a part of his daily routine anymore, but other matters, like extensive one-on-one tutoring and cognitive therapies, weren’t happening as I am not qualified to help him in these areas. While every state is dealing with this differently, I was assured by the New York State Department of Education, through my son’s speech therapist and his school, that he would be receiving all the services that they could functionally provide through virtual learning programs. Read More

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