This is how to get your picky kids to eat anything

Xpose – Lisa Salmon

There’s little more disheartening than your child refusing to eat a meal you’ve spent ages preparing. And when the meal refusals happen repeatedly, many desperate parents fall into the trap of only serving food they know their child will eat – which is most likely to feature unhealthy kiddie-favourites like pizza and burgers.

Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies!

The Good Men Project – Jenny Hoople

This is the lunch my son has been requesting every day for weeks now: a taco with refried beans, cream cheese, and a generous helping of alfalfa sprouts. When I shared this picture on Facebook, my friend (a father of four boys) asked how I got my little guy to eat a veggie as strange and exotic as sprouts. He said his kids only eat vegetables that were well-covered in butter and even then they’d only eat just so much.

Role modeling healthy eating for your children and grandkids

The Weatherford Democrat – Kathy Smith

While it is normal for young children to be picky eaters, there are ways that you can help them develop healthier eating habits. One easy way is through modeling healthy eating habits yourself. One of the most common ways that children learn new things is by watching and imitating parents’ actions.

Study reveals how motivation affects nutrition and diet

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

New research led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) suggests that people with a positive attitude are more likely to eat healthily. The study examined the motivational role of a theory called regulatory focus on consumers‘ involvement in nutrition, that is, the time and effort they put in to finding out about nutrition and seeking out nutritious food.

Getting Children to Exercise

Women of China – Xing Wing

Nowadays, Chinese children’s lack of physical activity and their early exposure to such electronic products as smartphones and tablets are causing health problems like obesity and myopia. Nearly 37 percent of students in the fourth year of primary school have myopia, and the proportion of obese boys was 8.5 percent and girls 5.1 percent in the same grade last year, according to the latest report on the quality of compulsory education from the Ministry of Education.

Wake up call on pre-teen mobile phone use at night

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

This World Sleep Day (March 15), Australia is waking up to the fact that around a quarter of children aged 7-8 are using mobile phones at night (between 10pm and 6am) when they should be sleeping. It’s a worrying statistic which highlights an increasing use of mobile phones in the bedroom and is based on a survey of 180,700 Australian students, aged 7-19, between 2013-2018.

Why Does My Child Behave For Everyone But Me? Experts Say There’s More To It Than You Think

Romper – Alison Kresta

It’s no secret that your kids are best behaved with literally anyone else other than you. As a mom, you’re used to it and probably just chalk it up to being part of the job, right? Wrong. While it’s true kids misbehave the most when their moms are around, it doesn’t have to be that way. So, if you’re asking yourself, “why does my child behave for everyone but me,” here’s why, according to experts.

5 Ways Children Benefit From Creative Playtime

The Longview News-Journal – Staff Writer

When kids pretend to be their favorite superhero, it may look like sheer fun at first glance, but experts say that imaginative play also benefits children in a number of substantial ways. “From building confidence and self-perception to offering children an opportunity to practice communication and language skills, pretend play is vital to child development,” says Keri Wilmot, a pediatric occupational therapist and an expert contributor to

Extension Notes: Family meals are worth the effort

The Preston Citizen – Laura L. Sant

If you’re concerned about what your child eats, the solution could be as close as your kitchen table. Sitting around the table to eat as a family has many benefits. Family meals allow parents to be role models who create a supportive environment that promotes healthy eating.

New way to combat childhood anxiety: treat the parents

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Yale researchers have developed an innovative way to address an epidemic of anxiety disorders afflicting the nation’s children: treat the parents. A new program developed at Yale that counsels parents is as effective in treating common anxiety disorders as cognitive behavioral therapy for the child, according to a randomized trial of the two therapies published in the Journal of the American Academy of Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry.