Develop a healthy back-to-school sleep schedule

The Cleveland Banner – Staff Writer

As summer winds down and school starts back up, one of the most important things for a child to do is develop a healthy sleep schedule. While parents may only need seven hours of sleep per night to function, it is recommended that elementary school aged children get nine to 11 hours of sleep per night. As during the summer months children’s bedtimes vary, experts say it’s important for children to get back into a sleep routine prior to the first day of school. (more)

How to speak to children about exercise

The National – Clare Dight

Every summer, that exercise in liking or loathing known as sports day comes around to mark the end of another school year. It represents an important opportunity for class athletes to shine, but for many students, if not most of them, the event is a reminder that they are not very good at sport. Worse, many decide that they don’t like sport. Hard as parents might try to make their children feel that taking part is enough, many children have decided by an alarmingly young age that if they’re not on the podium, then their sporting efforts don’t really count. (more)

Tips for the family on eating healthier

Auburn Journal – Staff Writer

This month, focus on healthful eating and active lifestyles for children and families. August is Kids Eat Right Month, an initiative sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Academy’s Foundation. Here are some steps to get started: (more)

Parent-child interactive intervention cuts depression

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

An intervention targeting depression in very young children can be effective in community settings, according to a study published online June 20 in The American Journal of Psychiatry. Joan L. Luby, M.D., from Washington University in St. Louis, and colleagues conducted a randomized controlled trial of psychotherapy (parent-child interaction therapy with a novel “emotion development” module [PCIT-ED]) for early childhood depression that focuses on enhancing the child’s emotional competence and emotion regulation. The intervention was compared to a waiting-list group in 229 parent-child dyads (children aged 3 to 6.11 years). (more)

How to get your kids to eat better

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

If you want to keep your kids at a healthy weight, show them, don’t tell them. That’s the advice of one expert who says simple and easy steps are better than direct discussions about weight and health. “Food is powerful. It has the potential to heal and to cause sickness,” said dietitian Kara Shifler Bowers, a project manager the Penn State PRO Wellness Center. “Don’t underestimate the power of small changes that progress over time. All it takes is one step to start the process. (more)

Children should spend more time barefoot to encourage a healthier foot structure

Medical X-Press – Peter Francis

Humans have gone unshod for millions of years; it is only in the last few centuries that people have started wearing shoes. However, a recent survey shows that shoe wearing among young boys isn’t universal. German children and teenagers spend most of their day in shoes, while about 90% of their South African counterparts go barefoot. (more)

Is your child exercising enough to justify that sports drink?

Click 2 Houston – Haley Hernandez

Sports drinks are a popular choice among teens, but the truth is hardly anyone is doing enough exercise to justify drinking them, according to dietitians, and the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees. The AAP said the average child does not partake in a level of physical activity that requires the electrolyte replenishment offered by sports drinks and is actually adding unnecessary calories and sugar. (more)

Eating guidelines that satisfy even picky toddlers and active teens

Inforum – Staff Writer

Feeding children can be a roller-coaster ride. Some days, children cruise along, eating most of what you serve. Then without warning, they take a dive and consume very little. This lasts just as long as you can cope, then they rise through a growth spurt to empty the refrigerator daily, only to plateau before they prepare for another dive. (more)

The Key To Developing Healthy Eating Habits For Our Children

Food and Beverage Magazine – Staff Writer

Eating together as a family more regularly is a good way to bring up healthy-eating kids. The fact that you are all sitting down together for a meal will make meal times more of an occasion. This will help you to plan what your family is eating more carefully. And as soon as you start thinking about the food that you’re eating, you are taking the right steps to get your children to eat healthy. (more)

5 inventive (and healthy) recipes your kids will love

The Atlanta Journal Constitution – Rose Kennedy

Whether a picky eater is making mealtime topsy-turvy or you just want to spend some extra time with the kids, cooking together is a great idea. “Children are more likely to eat their own creations, so, when appropriate, let your picky eater help prepare the food,” suggested Ask Dr. Sears. “Give your assistant jobs such as tearing and washing lettuce, scrubbing potatoes or stirring batter. Put pancake batter in a squeeze bottle and let your child supervise as you squeeze the batter onto the hot griddle in fun shapes, such as hearts, numbers or letters.” (more)