Raise Self Esteem In Your Kids

The Daily Pioneer – Dr Sona Kaushal Gupta

The damage done by our well-meaning ‘Education System’ on the young, impressionable mind was evident! Instead of encouraging him and appreciating his efforts and achievements, they had highlighted the fact that he was a failure and hurt him emotionally.The boy had lost all hope and his self-esteem had plummeted below zero. The need of the hour was for the child to regain his belief in himself and his abilities, which would provide emotional nourishment for his drowned self-esteem. He needed parental support, love and reassurance that he was not to blame for the callousness shown by the school. He needed someone to tell him that he was a good student and had worked hard and done well and to show him the light at the end of the tunnel. He needed reassurance that all would be well again. The way parents talk to their children becomes their inner voice. (more)

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