Study Finds Early Exposure To Digital Devices Links To Restless Sleep And EBD

Moms – Jayme Kennedy

As we become more and more entwined in the digital world, it starts to become a part of our every day life. And as parents, you’ve likely noticed it becoming a part of your kids’ daily lives, too. From TV to laptop use, tablets to phones, our kids are spending an astronomical amount of time staring at screens. It certainly doesn’t take an expert to realize that too much screen time could have a negative effect on a child; from physical changes (like vision problems) to the impact on their social and neurological development, parents should understand what too much screen time may be doing to their kids. A new study out of National University of Singapore has found yet another detrimental effect of too much screen time, this time on children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Researchers suggest that early exposure to screens, as well as multiple screen devices in the bedroom, may lead to sleep disruption and emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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