Study reports emerging triggers of rare food allergy in infants

Medical X-Press – Kaylee Dusang

A study led by the section of immunology, allergy and rheumatology in the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine researches an uncommon food allergy known as ‘food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome’ (FPIES) that occurs mostly in infants. The findings of the study determine the responsible foods triggers, as well as the characteristics and management of FPIES.

3 ways to raise vegetable-loving children

Treehugger – Katherine Martinko

It’s an eternal parenting dilemma, getting kids to eat vegetables and enjoy them. That last part is key because so many of the vegetables served to kids these days are hidden. They come as tater tots or pureed fruit-and-veg pouches, meaning that the kids don’t ever experience the vegetables in their intact form, and thus miss out on the flavor (and much of the nutrition). They aren’t learning to eat vegetables, but rather fruit sugars and deep-frying oil.

Epilepsy awareness: Safety tips for children with seizures taking part in swimming, water sports

The Standards – Fredrick Beuchi Mboya

What activities or sports can children with epilepsy do? This question is among many other questions and concerns I get from parents and guardians who take care of Children Living with Epilepsy. Regardless of a child’s condition we always advocate for total inclusion and equal opportunities as they grow up.

How to create a self-care toolkit for kids

The Irish Examiner – Staff Writer

In a world that’s teeming with busyness, on top of the pressure to react instantly to friends on group messages, FaceTime and social media, being a child can seem pretty tough. Thankfully, alongside the crazy lifestyles and innovation, we are all also trying to tune into ourselves a little more. We know it’s a good idea to take time out from tech, to enjoy some relaxation, sleep properly and love ourselves as much as we can. And we’re passing those messages on to our kids as well. And they’re needed.

Fathers are vitally important to their kids’ health and to public health research

Medical X-Press – Jess Haines

Helping our children to develop healthy eating, exercise and screen-time behaviours is an important public health goal globally. This is because behaviours established early in life also often track into adulthood. And these behaviours have a big impact on a person’s risk for chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.