Constructive Discipline & Everything You Need To Know About It

Moms – Param Davies

The mind of a kid is like clay. In order to get your desired shape, all you have to do is mold the clay. Similarly, the way you want your kids to be, you shape them. It is not only what you teach them; kids are smart, they constantly grasp things from their surroundings. In their curiosity, there are times when they even learn the wrong things. Once they learn it, they start practicing it in daily life.

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Bipolar: Recognizing The Signs In Your Teen & How To Get Help

Moms – Esther Peverley

Mental health has never been as openly talked about as it should be. In recent months, the topic of depression has become more widely acknowledged due to COVID-19 pandemic. But we are not, as a society, paying enough attention to our youth and how many of them are suffering from mental illnesses. The number of teen suicides has been on a drastic incline for the past decade, with no sign of regression. A contributor to the increase in the number of teen deaths is directly related to mental health illnesses.

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