Switching sugar for starch leads to less fatty liver in kids

Medical X-Press – Suzanne Leigh

A nine-day experimental diet that cut out the type of sugar in soft drinks, fruit juices and most processed foods significantly reversed the buildup of liver fat in children and adolescents – a condition strongly linked to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (more)

5 healthy back-to-school grocery shopping tips

The Washington Post – Agatha Achindu

Now that many of us parents have kids who are back to school, the days are about to get a whole lot busier, and getting healthy meals and snacks on the table becomes a lot more challenging. I know this challenge firsthand, because I am a mama of three boys. (more)

Beneficial Back-to-School Breakfasts Kids Will Love

The U.S. News and World Report – Jennifer Willoughby

The alarm goes off three times, and your child is still snuggled up in bed. You just barely manage to rustle them up, get their teeth brushed and clothes on, and get them out the door with 60 seconds to spare before the bus rushes by. What falls by the wayside day after day? Breakfast. (more)

Over 45,000 pounds of sugar dumped in Times Square illustrates alarming child health trend

USA Today – Ashley May

Snack company KIND dumped 45,485 pounds of sugar in Times Square Tuesday to spark conversation about how much added sugar children consume. The American Heart Association recommends children eat no more than 100 calories (about six teaspoons) of added sugars, also known as free sugars, daily. But, children are eating much more than that — over 270 calories according to data in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Most comes from sweetened drinks. (more)

Build your teen a ‘helmet’ that has nothing to do with sports

Lancaster Online – Dr Pia Fenimore

This column was supposed to be about high school football and concussions. As I began doing the research, it became clear that when it comes to that topic there just isn’t much to say that would be original thought. Football is safe, until it isn’t, and understanding when it crosses over remains a medical conundrum. However, it did get me thinking a lot about teenagers and helmets. If you know me, then you know I am a helmet fanatic. Too much time in trauma centers and intensive care units has taught me that bones heal, but brains often do not. So, have fun, take chances, but please protect your head. Yet the teen years have me wishing for an altogether different type of helmet. As we get ready for school to start, here is the helmet I would design for our kids, and they would wear it 24/7. (more)