Kids’ Stuttering & Regulation Of Emotions Are Connected

Moms – Megan Glosson

As our kids learn how to talk, they can experience all sorts of temporary bumps in the road and delays in terms of speech and language development. In many cases, children can develop certain speech disfluencies like the repetition of words or stuttering. While these issues correct themselves over time in many cases, there are instances where stuttering can become a long-term issue for kids.

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Parent-Child Socialization Is Key To Preparing Kids For Adulthood

Moms – Simon Books

Parents have the power to influence their children’s lives when it comes to individual development and socialization. They have the ability to create the social context for socialization to occur. It is safe to say parents are powerful agents of socialization since they can shape the social development of their children by nurturing their social skills. Parent-child social interaction is important for the growth of all kids.

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