How to handle your child’s Halloween candy sugar rush

The Miami Herald – Staff Writer

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. As a child, I looked forward all year to dressing up and going trick-or-treating. I still love putting on costumes and carving pumpkins. But as much as I love the holiday, it also has its share of detractors. There is plenty of debate about whether parents should limit their kids’ access to Halloween activities and candy, in the name of fending off a lifetime of sugar cravings, or let them eat their fill. With childhood obesity on the rise and many parents eager to limit added sugars in their children’s diets, which approach is best for helping kids learn healthy eating habits? (more)

PARENTING TODAY: Vision tests for kids should be a priority

North Shore News – Kathy Lynn

A study conducted on behalf of the Canadian Association of Optometrists discovered that 83 per cent of B.C. parents are unaware that vision problems can lead to developmental delays and 57 per cent don’t know that vision problems may be the cause of a child’s short attention span. The study also found that parents place vision problems as a low priority when it comes to children’s health. (more)

Sneaky ways to get your kids to exercise

9 Honey – Jo Abi

There’s a lot of pressure on parents to ensure their children get plenty of exercise. Unfortunately due to how busy we all are, it’s can be hard. Even if we have all the time in the world on our hands, most activities cost money. Also, not many of us can afford homes with large backyards in which to run around and play. Still, there are plenty of sneaky ways to get your kids to exercise without hardly leaving your home.. (more)

Exercise and Sleep: The Better Brain Therapies Your Child Needs

ADDitude Mag – Joel Nigg, PhD.

Science has finally agreed that the brain is malleable and “plastic.” This means that the brain can, to a surprising extent, reinvent itself with learning, experience, or the right stimulation. This reinvention is called “epigenetic” — the biological process by which life experiences can override, add to, or interact with what genes do, changing how we feel, think, or behave. (more)

Five Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Farm to School Month

The USDA – Erin Healy

October is a busy month for both our nation’s farms and our nation’s schools. Farmers are harvesting everything from apples to pumpkins, while schools are celebrating Farm to School Month by raising awareness of the connection with fresh, healthy food and local food producers. (more)