Americans need to tackle youth obesity: US task force

Medical X-Press – Len Canter

Obesity now affects as many as 20% of the nation’s children. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force reviewed the literature on kids between 2 and 18 years of age and now recommends that kids over 6 be screened using a measure of body fat based on height and weight called Body Mass Index (BMI). The Task Force also recommends intensive behavioral therapy for those kids who are obese. Behavioral therapy was shown to reduce blood pressure, although it did not show any reduction in cholesterol.

Cold Temperatures Are Okay For Kids To Play In Says Experts

Moms – Diane Mtetwa

As the weather starts to cool, parents of small ones everywhere start to get anxious as they wonder what they’ll do with their stir crazy kids when the temperatures drop dramatically. There are some activities that you can line up to help get you through the long and cold winter months like play dates and classes, but at some point in time your child will want to venture outside and play.

For parents: 3 ways to prevent nearsightedness in your child

St. George Spectrum & Daily News – Kaitlyn Bancroft

If movies are looking fuzzy or you’re squinting to see whiteboards, you might have myopia (nearsightedness). And you’re not alone: Nearly 40 percent of Americans have myopia, up 25 percent from just 40 years ago, according to the American Optometric Association. The condition is managed with corrective lenses like glasses or contacts, or with refractive surgery.

10 Ways To Nurture A Love For Nature In Your Growing Child

Baby Gaga – Heather Djunga

Mindful parenting means deliberately paying attention to what matters most in life and teaching your child to do the same. When it comes to nurturing a love for nature in your child, the same applies. This means honoring nature and making a deliberate effort to go outdoors and appreciate its beauty. It also means teaching your child to respect and honor pets, and incorporating time with animals and nature in one’s monthly diary and family holiday programs.

The truth about fussy eating

The Week – Claire Gillespie

It’s no big secret that a lot of kids don’t like vegetables. Or they think they don’t like them, because they don’t really know — they won’t try them. Another non-secret is that one of the most exhausting aspects of parenting is arguing with your kids about the fact that they don’t eat their vegetables. Tantrums, tears, and monumental battles of wills do not make for a happy family dinner table.