What To Know About Seasonal Mood Changes In Kids

Moms – Ashley Wehrli

Summer is over, and the cold weather is upon us. While this means a lot of fun activities for the whole family, like Christmas and fun in the snow, there are a lot of people who struggle with this time of year. There are a lot of people who prefer the summer, and the reasons are obvious, they can go to the beach, it is warm and there is always something fun to do. The fall and winter bring rain, wind, cold, and snow and a lot of people find themselves trapped inside for long periods of time.

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The pandemic is changing the way young people eat and how they feel about their bodies: 4 essential reads

The Conversation – Kate Kilpatrick

Kids, like adults, cope with stress and anxiety in many different ways. For example, while some children reach for more snacks to deal with uncomfortable feelings, others overexercise or restrict their eating in unhealthy ways. As a result, rates of obesity and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia have both increased among young people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kids Doing Laundry: Age-By-Age Guide

Moms – Jessica Tucker

When it comes to doing laundry, it seems like in most families, kids are the ones who make up a bulk of what needs to be washed. As multiple outfits are worn throughout the day and the piles continue to grow, parents begin to wonder when the responsibility of doing the laundry can be shared with their children. And as it turns out, kids at just about every age are able to pitch in when it comes to doing laundry.

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Adding larger portions of vegetables to children’s dinners will ‘boost their intake’, researchers say

Diabetes UK – Staff Writer

What appears to be obvious has been deemed to be true by researchers: children are more likely to increase their fresh produce intake when given bigger portions of fruit and vegetables on their plate, a new study finds.

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