For children, exercise is the key to battling obesity

Vietnam News – Khoa Thur

Earlier this month, another study by the National Institute of Nutrition of over 5,000 Vietnamese children aged 7 to 17 revealed that a lack of physical activity and inappropriate diets are responsible for the high rate of obesity among primary school students. Up to 29 per cent of surveyed primary school students are overweight or obese. The rate for secondary school students and high school students are 19 per cent and 9.5 per cent, respectively.

Kids and dirt: Get enough to help, but not enough to hurt, a doctor advises

Medical X-Press – Cosby Stone

Whenever I am asked what I do for a living, the phrase “I’m an allergist” is almost immediately followed by “So, where are all of these allergies coming from?” Maybe I’ll get sick of that question some day, but I haven’t yet. As a clinician and researcher on allergies and public health, I first explain that when a society begins to become aware of a disease, the reported prevalence will go up. This is understandable. People who have medically unexplained symptoms wonder “Could I have this allergy that’s being talked about?” and try on the diagnosis. Sometimes an allergy really is at the root of their problems, and sometimes it’s not.

10 Ways To Promote Patience In A Restless Child

Moms – Jessica Papp

How does one teach patience? We want our children to learn how to accept or tolerate delays without becoming upset, but how is that obtainable when they have the attention spans of goldfish? Maybe you might become annoyed by repetitive questions like “Are we there yet?” when five minutes ago you answered that question with a definite response. Or perhaps you are short with your children when they meltdown from having to wait, but find yourself becoming enraged while stuck in traffic.

10 Ways Martial Arts Can Change Your Child’s Life

Moms – Laurel Moring

What you experience during your childhood has a lasting effect on the type of person that you will grow up to be. Family structure, financial stability, and educational outcomes are just some of the things that contribute to who you are. Many people overlook how important both physical fitness and socialization can be for a child. These can have an effect on your adult life as well. There are many ways to help your kid with both of these things. The martial arts will bring your little one both of these benefits.

10 Quick Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

Moms – Julian Jamie Alessandroni

Encouraging a toddler to eat breakfast can be easier than most meal-times. It can be the easiest and most fun way to introduce new foods; food that the parents and/or guardians know will be nutritious enough to fill their child’s stomach until lunch or dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Their little bodies have been fasting for their entire night’s rest, so it’s important to have something sufficient to get them by until snack time.