Mom Shares Clever Trick to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables

Newsweek – Lydia Veljanovski

As any parent knows, sometimes it can be hard to get your children to eat healthily.

From tears and tantrums to flat-out refusal, lots of us have been through the ringer trying to get kids to swallow down some salad.

But not anymore. Why? Because one woman on TikTok has come up with a clever way to encourage kids to eat vegetables, and it has been viewed 2.8 million times.

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Getting Your School-Age Child Into a Healthy Sleep Routine

The Lincoln Journal-Star – Robert Preidt

Most parents have dealt with having to hurry a sleepy child out the door on a school morning, but experts say taking the time to establish good sleep routines for your kids is worth the effort. Amid the pandemic, there can be a great deal of uncertainty around school, but a set sleep regimen can help ease youngsters’ stress and anxiety, according to Stephanie Centofanti and Alex Agostini, sleep experts at the University of South Australia.

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Is Cereal A Healthy Option For Breakfast Everyday?

Moms – Jessica Tucker

One of the standard breakfasts for kids every day is a bowl of cereal. This is because it is easy and convenient and gives kids some vital energy after they eat to get their day moving. And with labels on some cereal boxes that state the cereal is low in sugar and full of fiber, parents believe that they are giving their kids a healthy breakfast. But, even with labels that tout being full of nutrition, eating cereal every day may not be the healthiest opinion for kids as not all cereals are created equal.

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