The Ins & Outs Of Cleaning Kids’ Ears

Moms – Simon Books

Cleaning the ears is something that most people do without giving it much thought. It is not unusual for most people to stick a Q-tip into their ear to clean out the wax. If you have been doing this, it may interest you to know that you have been doing more harm than good to your ears. Most doctors will advise against sticking any object into the ear. This is especially the case when you are dealing with kids’ delicate ears. Learning the ins and outs of cleaning your kids’ ears will help you to avoid ear health issues.

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Your child’s vaccines: What you need to know about catching up during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Conversation – Irene Mathieu

This spring, after stay-at-home orders were announced and schools shut down across the nation, many families stopped going to their pediatrician. As a result, kids have fallen behind on important childhood vaccinations.

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How Do You Know If Your Baby Needs Glasses? An Expert Explains

Romper – Katie McPherson

Babies and toddlers wearing tiny eyeglasses are the cutest ever. But how will you know if your baby needs glasses? I mean, they take a while to focus those sweet little eyes anyway, so what exactly should you be looking for? Pediatricians say there are some signs you can see at home, and that it’s important to bring them up with your child’s doctor. It can help prevent long-term vision issues if you get them glasses early.

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Helping Your Teenage Child with Chronic Pain

Net News Ledger – Abel Anderson

Despite being invisible, chronic pain is anything but silent. Watching your teenager deal with unceasing pain can be close to unbearable, and you find yourself wishing you could take their place. While modern medicine gets better and better each day, and doctors do all they can to prevent excessive suffering, there are other methods you can introduce to go alongside, which can help your teenager deal with their pain.

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