What Age Can Parents Stop Helping Their Kids Brush Their Teeth?

Moms – Jessica Tucker

From the moment the first tooth erupts, parents’ job with their kids’ oral hygiene has begun. It may be a struggle initially to floss and brush but over time, brushing teeth becomes routine. And the more proficient that kids get with brushing their teeth, the more tempting it becomes to let them brush their teeth independently. But the age at which parents can stop helping their kids brush their teeth may be later than expected.

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Five reasons to say ‘yes’ to therapy for your child

Medical X-Press – Meghan L. Marsac

Have you wondered whether therapy could be helpful for your child? Have you asked yourself, “Are these ‘normal’ struggles or behaviors?” or “Does my child need more help with their stress or feelings?” In the past, going to therapy might have been seen as a failure or that something must be seriously wrong with someone who needed “professional help.” Thankfully, these perceptions are changing. Our society is starting to recognize the value of going to therapy to build skills and strategies to navigate life challenges.

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One Crucial Way to Boost Adolescent Wellbeing

Psychology Today – Katherine Cullen

Each of us has a story about who we are, the various event and persons who’ve influenced us, and what actions we’ve taken to get ourselves where we are.

These are our narrative identities—and research shows that the more structurally coherent, meaningful, and agentic (or full of a sense that we’ve had the ability to influence our circumstances) they are, the greater our well-being is likely to be.

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Hepatitis outbreak among kids: What parents should know

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating an apparent outbreak of severe viral hepatitis among young children. On May 18, the CDCreported 180 patients in the United States were being investigated as possible cases; 14 of the children required liver transplants, and five died. The World Health Organization has reported more than 650 probable cases in 33 countries.

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Expert explains differences between adult and teen depression

Medical X-Press – Sharon Theimer

Clinical depression is a mood disorder than can affect anyone and at any age. The signs and symptoms, however, are not the same for everyone. Marcie Billings, M.D., a Mayo Clinic Children’s Center pediatrician, says there are some differences between adult depression and teen depression. A mental health issue can be treated, but first, it needs to be diagnosed.

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