Spread the love, mind the sugar

Today Online – Diana Ser

We saw the toddler take a swig from his bottle of soft drink, little droplets of sugared water dripping down his tiny chin. He looked no older than four. My eldest child, eyes widening as if he had just witnessed the kid down a vodka, shouted: “Mummy, that baby just had a soft drink!” Busted. My kids were brought up to believe that soft drinks, like alcohol, were anathema to very young children. (more)

Back-to-school checklist for parents of children living with asthma

The Oakland Press – Staff Writer

For parents of children with asthma, getting ready for school requires additional steps. Asthma accounts for more than 10 million lost school days every school year. If you know a child with asthma, you may be concerned about his or her activity in sports and at recess, especially if the child’s asthma is exercise-induced. With better management, children are able to stay safe and active. For a full toolkit and free resources, visit Lung.org/asthma-in-schools. (more)

That TV in your kid’s room could be making fat

The Sacramento Bee – Teresa Welsh

It’s no secret that kids today get way too much screen time — whether that be in front of a tablet, smartphone, laptop or good old fashioned television. Access to technology determines how much they use it, and more use can lead to worse outcomes in education and health. (more)