Innovative program takes holistic approach to helping kids with obesity

The SC Times – Stephanie Dickrell

“From the outside, Brittini Cleland’s class at the St. Cloud YMCA might just look like kids have fun — playing freeze tag, throwing scarves and making silly faces. But for CentraCare Health, the class is a key component in a multi-disciplinary approach to reducing childhood obesity, right here in St. Cloud. The new program will combine the movement class with education about nutrition, psychology, behavioral health and the factors of daily life. (more)

Water, Real Juice Or Milk Should Be The Only Options In A Kids’ Meal

The Huffington Post – Nancy Brown

“More than ever, Americans are choosing to eat out or pick up a meal on the way home. Given the ease and the variety of options, it’s totally understandable. And if you’re also feeding youngsters, it makes sense to go somewhere with a children’s menu. Here’s something parents may want to consider when choosing a restaurant: What kind of drink comes with that kids’ meal? Nutrition experts often say their top advice is simple: Don’t drink your calories. They emphasize the added sugar in drinks goes a long way toward our nation’s obesity epidemic. This is especially true in the fight against children’s obesity, as soda, lemonade, sugar-sweetened juice drinks and other beverages with added sugars are taking a toll. (more)

Dr. Hopper: What’s on baby’s plate?

The Gleaner – Rebecca Hopper, MD

“As a board certified pediatrician and mom to four children, I confess that it is a challenge to feed my children healthy food that tastes good and is also realistic to prepare during a typical busy day. I am still learning to merge what is recommended with what works. I hope to offer you some of the latest updates regarding healthy diet choices for little ones with some real world advice. (more)

10 Myths About Kids Going Low Carb

The Huffington Post – Libby Jenkinson

“Eating starchy food is deeply ingrained in our culture, making it difficult (even unbelievable) to think about switching growing kids onto lower carb food. However, just like adults, kids will greatly benefit from cutting back on sugar, wheat, and carbs and eating real and unprocessed quality food. Here are the top 10 myths about low carb kids that will—hopefully—ease your doubts and fears: (more)


Kid’s Health – Staff Writer

“Participation in any sport, whether it’s recreational bike riding or Pee-Wee football, can teach kids to stretch their limits and learn sportsmanship and discipline. But any sport also carries the potential for injury. By knowing the causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them, you can help make athletics a positive experience for your child.” (more)