Effects Of Body Shaming On Children Can Be Long-Lasting

Moms – Samira Khan

Name-calling, a kid for being too “fat” or too “thin,” too “dark” or too “blonde,” too “short” or too “tall,” having a “funny smile” or “bad teeth,” wearing specs or bad “hair” is not something we should be encouraging our kids to do. Body shaming plays one of the major roles in destroying a child’s personality and mental health.

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How To Gently Encourage Your Teen To Get More Exercise

Moms – Jayme Kennedy

We all know how important it is to stay physically active. Exercise has so many benefits! It’s good for our physical health, obviously. But it’s also good for our mental and emotional health. Exercising and staying physical active isn’t about getting in shape or losing weight. It’s about our overall health and wellness. It’s also important for kids to stay active, as well!

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The Big 3: How Nutrition, Exercise & Sleep Curb ADHD in Children

ADDitude – Sandy Newmark, M.D.

No treatment plan for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD) is complete if it doesn’t harness the power of nutrition, exercise, and sleep to improve wellbeing. What we eat, our physical activity levels, and our sleep habits have tremendous effects on us – a fact that’s amplified for ADHD brains and bodies.

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