As with adults, no easy way to address weight with children

Medical X-Press – Candice Choi

Red, yellow, green. It’s a system for conveying the healthfulness of foods, and at the center of a debate about how to approach weight loss for children. This month, the company formerly known as Weight Watchers provoked a backlash when it introduced a food tracking app for children as young as 8. The app uses a well-known traffic-light system to classify foods, giving children a weekly limit of 42 “reds,” which include steak, peanut butter and chips.

10 Recipes Perfect For Kids Under 7 To Cook

Moms – Bipasha Bhatia

Often, kids love hands-on projects of all sorts and would love a chance to help out in the kitchen. Even if they’re not fully sold on the idea, cooking can help fine-tune children’s motor skills, coordination, and judgment. Furthermore, cooking together in the kitchen is a wonderful way to strengthen the bond you have with your child.

10 Things To Consider When Your Kid Asks To Make A Social Media Account

Moms – Aya Tsintziras

There comes a point in every parenthood journey when your children start getting curious about social media. From a super young age, they want to play games on your iPhone, and as they grow up, they want to create their own profile on Instagram or Facebook. When your kid asks you if they can have a social media account of their own, you might be nervous at first and you might have a lot of concerns. That’s a totally normal and natural way to feel because it can definitely feel overwhelming. Here are 10 things to consider when your kid asks to make a social media account.

Measles epidemic: parents reluctant to vaccinate their children need to hear of the horrors of forgotten diseases

The Conversation – Sarah Pitt

There’s been a surge in measles cases across Europe, putting people’s lives at risk according to new findings from the World Health Organization. The official figures show that approximately 90,000 cases have been reported for the first half of 2019. This is already more than the number of cases recorded for the whole of 2018 (84,462).

10 Reasons It’s Important To Set A Consistent Bedtime

Moms – Mel Bailey

Why is it so important to have consistent sleep times for kids? Scientists, sleep therapists, and child development specialists alike all agree that sleep is an essential part of the human life cycle for both kids AND adults. Sleep alters the brain and the body in numerous ways. Read on to find out how important a consistent bedtime could be for a child.