Is your child a couch potato? It’s time to get them active!

Kormorant – Staff Writer

It’s all too easy to allow your kids to stay inside playing video games instead of riding their bike or playing outside. This is compounded by feeling like you need to constantly supervise your kids for their own safety. Still, children need exercise and it’s up to you to see they get it even if it means spending more time in the great outdoors with them.

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The 15 Safest Sunscreens For Children, According To The EWG

Romper – Jennifer Parris

As the temperature starts to soar, one thing comes to mind: sunscreen. But when you go through the aisles at your store to purchase one, do you really know what you’re looking for? You will now, because the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released its list of the best sunscreens for children, from babies to older kids, to help keep your child’s skin safe.

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What Parents Should Know About Traveling With Unvaccinated Kids

The Huffington Post – Caroline Bologna

If you’re a fully vaccinated adult, odds are you’ve started making travel plans for this summer or later in 2021. But for those with children, it’s not quite so simple. As of now, there are no COVID-19 vaccines approved for children under 12, which means families are left wondering if it’s safe to travel with their little ones and how to do so while minimizing risk.

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How to ‘build back better’ health habits after the pandemic year

The Conversation – Claudia Finkelstein

According to a recent survey by the American Psychological Association, undesired changes in weight driven by pandemic stress are widespread: 42% of adults reported gaining weight, with a median weight gain of 15 pounds, while 18% reported undesired weight loss. About 66% of people reported changes in their sleep habits, and 23% of respondents reported an increase in alcohol use.

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