Timeouts improve kids’ behavior if you do them the right way

The Conversation – Lucy (Kathleen) McGoron

With parents spending more time with their children than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their need for discipline that works is greater than ever. Fortunately, there are some proven techniques. As a developmental psychologist, I believe that anyone raising little kids could learn how to better use timeouts. This disciplinary technique is among the best ways to stop frustrating child behavior, like not listening, breaking family rules or being overly aggressive.


Psychologists Urge Parents To Calm Kids’ Anxiety Over COVID-19 Before School Starts

Moms – Allison Cooper

Families are preparing for so much right now. With so many unknowns for so long due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are finally starting to see some concrete plans whenever it comes to going back to school in the fall. Whether you will be sending your children back to in-person school or will be doing things virtually from home or with a local learning pod, one commonality is the anxiety that goes along with each new decision. Most kids have lots of questions to be asked and a psychologist recently opened up about ways to ease these anxieties.


The very serious science behind the power of play

Medical X-Press – Kate Raynes-Goldie

The world is in a very serious period of change right now. And it can feel like the best way to deal with seriousness is with more seriousness. But research from both game studies and psychology suggest that the way humans process the really difficult things in life is actually through not being serious … but by being playful.

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How To Prep Your Kid For A Coronavirus Test, From Moms Who’ve Been There

Romper – Lindsay E. Mack

As more and more kids get tested for COVID-19, parents are faced with yet another pandemic-specific challenge: getting a child to sit still while a doctor sticks a very long cotton swab into their nostril. To be fair, even grown-ups are less than thrilled at the prospect — so you can’t expect kids to be especially cooperative on this one. That’s why Romper asked moms who’ve been through it for their tips on how to prep your kid for the coronavirus test. Armed with this advice, you can make the whole experience a whole lot easier on the both of you.

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