EXPLAINER: What’s known about sudden liver disease in kids

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

A puzzling outbreak of sudden liver disease in nearly 200 children has health authorities in Europe and the U.S. racing to find answers. The illnesses have no known connection, although a possible link with a virus that can cause colds is being investigated. At least one child died and several others have required liver transplants.

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Childhood obesity increases risk of type 1 diabetes

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Being overweight in childhood increases the risk of developing type 1 diabetes in later life, according to the findings of a new study that analyzed genetic data on over 400,000 individuals. The study, co-led by researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Oxford and published today in Nature Communications, also provides evidence that being overweight over many years from childhood influences the risk of other diseases including asthma, eczema and hypothyroidism.

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With autism numbers rising, how best to provide support?

Medical X-Press – Jess Berthold

Recently released data from the Centers for Disease Control show childhood autism rates are at their highest level since the CDC began tracking data in 2000. About 2.3% of U.S. children, or one in 44, were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in 2018, compared to one in 150 children in 2000. For boys, the ratio rises to nearly one in four.

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10 Calming Techniques For Misbehaved Kids Who Are Just Overstimulated

Moms – Megan Glosson

When our children misbehave, we often focus on the behaviors and correcting them through discipline or punishment. However, children sometimes misbehave because they feel stressed or overstimulated, not because they purposely want to break the rules. In these cases, children typically don’t know what to do with the sensations they feel throughout their body, and they use misbehavior as a release. In these situations, it can help if you teach your child one or more of these 10 calming techniques.

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