Cool Running Water Is Best Initial Treatment For Burns In Children, Study Finds

Forbes – Robert Glatter, M.D.

When a child suffers a burn, many parents may reach for ice, aloe vera, butter, or even toothpaste. Many of these home remedies are often folklore and passed down through generations. But the reality is that while these are not only ineffective approaches, they ignore the principles of sound burn care and wound management. New research, published online in Annals of Emergency Medicine, reveals that cooling a child’s burn with running water is the best initial treatment.—treatment-for-burns-in-children-study-finds/#3622721560e2

ESPN Applauds Kobe Bryant For Being A ‘Girl Dad’ (& We Can’t Help But Agree)

Moms – Lucy Wigley

With the world still reeling at the death of Kobe Bryant on January 26, the outpouring of condolences continue to be shared from mourners. But it’s not just the impact that Bryant had on basketball, and his legendary status both on and off the court, that is being remembered. Many have flocked to social media to share one of Bryant’s greatest achievements; what an amazing girl dad that he made. He was father to 17 year old Natalia, 13 year old Gianna (who also sadly died along with him in the helicopter crash that claimed 9 lives,) 3 year old Bianka, and 7 month old Capri ‘Coco’ Bryant, all with his wife of 19 years, Vanessa.

This Is How I Got My Picky Eater To Secretly Eat Veggies

Moms – Simon Books

As a mom, I look forward to the day my 7-year-old will come home one day, walk straight to the fridge and say, “Mom, can I have Brussel sprouts?” Getting my 7-year-old to enjoy eating vegetables was an uphill task. From having to collect cucumber slices from beneath table mats, to finding green peas in the dog’s bowl, it has been one rough journey. Although, not one that did not produce pleasing results, I must say.

Eating out: A recipe for poor nutrition, study finds

Medical X-Press – Serena Gordon

Whether you’re stopping at a casual fast-food place or sitting down to eat in a full-service restaurant, eating out is an easy way to fill up when you’re hungry. But those meals may not deliver much nutritional value, a new study suggests. The researchers found that 70% of fast-food meals consumed in the United States were of poor nutritional value. For full-service restaurants, around half of the meals were of poor nutritional value.