Three percent of children hit daily activity target

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Only one in 30 children does the recommended amount of daily physical activity, new research suggests. Guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer say people aged five to 18 should do at least 60 minutes of “moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity” every day. (more)

Halloween doesn’t have to be a horror for children’s teeth

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

Sweet treats are as much a part of Halloween as haunted houses, creative costumes and the Monster Mash. They’re fun to collect, but having that big bag of candy around the house for weeks after Halloween can’t be good for children’s oral health. We spoke with Kavita Mathu-Muju, an associate professor and pediatric dentist in UBC’s faculty of dentistry, about the toll treats take on teeth, and how you can help your kids get their chompers through the season relatively unscathed. (more)

Here’s How To Deal With The Halloween Candy Problem

Scary Mommy – Crystal Karges

One of the most common questions I often hear from parents this time of year concerns what to do with candy and holiday sweets and treats. After all, most children associate many holidays, like Halloween, with the special treats that come with the occasion. (more)

How to get kids to eat more vegetables

IOL – Viwe Ndongeni

Getting your child to eat healthy or nutritious food can be a mission and half. Imperfect table manners, like spitting food out, appear quite common whenever it is meal time in many family homes. (more)

10 ways to teach kids how to calm down

Wink – Audrey Monk

When kids (or adults) are really mad, words and reactions can be ugly. The inability to calm down, self-regulate, and manage anger can have lasting negative effects, the most important of which can be an adulthood that lacks meaningful, sustained relationships. And since the people and relationships in our lives are the most important predictor of happiness and well-being, this is a high price to pay for not learning to control anger. (more)