Fit family goals – and how to get them

Health 24 – Staff Writer

It can be a challenge getting your family off the couch and away from their smart devices to exercise and stay healthy. And it definitely won’t help when you are barking orders and exercise routines at them. (more)

Here’s Why Physical Exercise Boosts Kids’ Academic Performance

India Times – Regi George Jenarius

Do you believe in the mind-body connection? Research has proved time-and-time again that both the body and the mind can benefit from each other in different ways. Now, it turns out physical fitness can increase the volume of grey matter in children, which may help enhance their academic performance, according to a recent paper published in the journal Neuroimage. (more)

Study: More sleep reduces type 2 diabetes risk in children

ABC Action News – Sean O’Reilly

Children who receive more sleep at night may have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rate of newly diagnosed cases of diabetes in children increased by 1.8% each year between 2002 and 2012. (more)

How Not to Talk to a Child Who Is Overweight

The New York Times – PERRI KLASS, M.D.

I weigh my words (pun intended) every time I address the topic of a child’s obesity in the exam room. Yes, I know, you probably want to tell me that I shouldn’t use that word — “obese” — and I promise that I don’t. But in the child’s electronic medical record, that’s the official coding if the child’s body mass index is at or above the 95th percentile for age and gender. And medical providers, just like parents, may find themselves walking a difficult line as they try to discuss this fraught subject without increasing the distress that many children are already feeling. (more)

Too much bad food, too little exercise is leading to devastating diabetes for kids


The term “adult-onset diabetes” is no longer relevant, as the numbers of kids and teens who are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes continues to climb – at alarming rates. Doctors attribute poor diets and lack of exercise on the sharp rise of Type 2 diabetes in youth in the U.S., especially among certain ethnic and racial groups. “Unfortunately, this is all part of the obesity epidemic sweeping our country, which also affects younger kids,” says Dr. Pascual de Santis, an endocrinologist with Baptist Health Medical Group. (more)