Tiny Travelers Books Allow Kids To Explore Other Countries While Stuck At Home

Romper – Priscilla Blossom

Like yours, my family is homebound right now. We had plans to go to Disneyland soon, and down to Florida and Nicaragua to see family, but with the spread of coronavirus, there’s no telling when we might get to fly anywhere again. Fortunately, a set of books found their way to me that are helping us explore the world from our home. Tiny Travelers is a new book series from Canticos that’s all about celebrating multiculturalism.

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Calm parenting will help children through coronavirus pandemic

Medical X-Press – Staff Writer

The disruptions in daily life caused by the coronavirus pandemic could cause problems for children, but there are things parents can do to help their kids deal with the changes, experts say. “There are major stressors that children are experiencing, such as the inability to attend school, adjusting to home school, being in the house with their family all day, not being able to see their friends, worrying about grandparents and loved ones—but they seem to be quite resilient and taking all of these changes in stride,” said Alexandria Meyer, an assistant professor of psychology at Florida State University.

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5 Ways To Get Your Kids More Involved In The Kitchen

Moms – Megan Glosson

In the midst of this global pandemic, many parents find themselves juggling even more roles than usual. Not only are we maintaining our usual housekeeping and child-rearing duties, but we’re also learning how to work from the house while also homeschooling our children. By the time you factor in all of the extra messes in the house and additional food to prepare and it’s enough for even the most put-together mom to lose her mind.

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