Experts Strongly Recommend Getting The Family A Flu Shot This Year

Moms – Lilee Williams

Flu season has always been a worrisome time since kids can be miserable and super sick with disease flu, which is why pediatricians always encourage parents to consider getting the flu shot to try to avoid the disease. Even adults who have successfully avoided getting sick for years are more susceptible to getting sick when their kids are young, especially since young ones are more likely to pass germs at school.

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Perfect snack, lunch ideas for virtual back-to-school days

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Rebecca Sodergren

This year, the school day looks very different for most children. And when the school day is different, lunch is different, too. Many students are learning online from home. Others are going back to school part time, but their parents might be packing lunch differently because of safety concerns or because the school cafeteria isn’t serving the usual choices for now.

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Tinker Bell, Batman, Ben 10… if your kids are in character, they’re more likely to help around the house

The Conversation – Yeshe Colliver

Your four year old runs down the hallway without his pants on, knocking over that leaning tower of washing. Around the world, the impacts of COVID-19 have left some parents with more time with their children, but fewer resources to make it interesting as children go stir crazy. Luckily, there’s a fun and evidence-backed way to get your kids to try harder at the things you ask them to do, persist at them longer, and be stimulated — you just have to pretend.

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Asthma in children

The Roodeport Record – Staff Writer

Asthma is a  chronic disease that affects the lungs. It involves an inflammation and narrowing of the airways, also known as the bronchial tubes, through which air flows in and out of the lungs, causing them to become swollen and very sensitive. The muscles in the airways may contract and their cells may produce more mucus than usual, contributing to a further constriction. While the exact causes of asthma are not well understood, scientists believe that there are a number of factors that contribute to it.

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