How To Discuss Vaping And Its Dangers With Your Children

Moms – Jayme Kennedy

As parents, we have a lot on our plates when it comes to stuff to worry about, right? When our kids are babies, we worry about their sleep schedule and how well they’re eating. As they become toddlers, we worry about whether or not they’re hitting developmental milestones and how to keep them from climbing all over the furniture. Then they enter school, and it’s a whole new crop of worries about how they’re adjusting and whether or not they’re keeping up. It’s just a near-constant cycle of worrying! As our kids reach adolescence and the teen years, the worries don’t stop. Right now, parents all over the country are likely trying to figure out how to talk to their tweens and teens about vaping. It’s a serious epidemic, and the rate of vaping among tweens and teens continues to rise. Considering the serious health risks associated with vaping and the recent rise in vaping-related illnesses, injuries, and even death, this is an important conversation to have.

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