Are video games bad for kids? Here’s what parents should know

Motherly –Jocelyn Solis-Moreira

Some parenting choices are a no-brainer: having your kid eat their fruits and veggies or tucking them into bed at a reasonable hour. But as for if they should play video games (and for how long), the answer is, well, complicated.  

Are video games bad for kids? It depends on who you ask. The internet is also saturated with several conflicting headlines: Some say video games make children more violent, while others tout their educational benefits. 

What’s more, there’s limited research on the impact that video games have on child development. To start, it’s difficult to keep track of a child’s development over decades. And, ethically, a researcher can’t force a child to only play “Call of Duty” for the rest of their adolescence or ban a child from ever using electronics. For this reason, most studies are observational, leaving the door open for other variables to influence the findings.

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